Accidentally delete a project? Retrieve it from a backup!

The security of our data and the reliability of our service are our top priority and, now, we’ve added yet another layer of security which allows you to retrieve any tasks or projects in case you may have accidentally deleted them.

With Todoist Premium, you can now download full backups of all your tasks in all projects. Todoist creates one automatic backup every day, but you can perform additional backups yourself anytime.

This feature can be accessed in the Todoist Preferences -> Backups tab. Simply click on the date of the backup you wish to retrieve and you’ll be able to download a ZIP file containing TXT files – each for every one of your projects containing all your tasks from the time this backup was created. Then, you can use any of these files to restore your tasks using the Import from template feature as shown in this short video:

We’re putting a lot of effort to prevent any accidental deletion of any of your data, but now even if you accidentally delete a project or a task, you can easily retrieve it anytime.

David Trey

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