Q&A Session with our Developers: Todoist for Android

Todoist Task Manager Android app
Recently we’ve asked you to send in questions for the first Q&A session with the Todoist staff. We’ve received an interesting question from Susan through our Google+ page:

“I’m wondering if you have a schedule for further development of your Android app. In particular, I’d like to know when we can expect to see some widgets.”

Our Android Widgets are already in development though it may take some time before we finish and publish them. It’s hard for us to give a specific estimate as we always want to publish a polished, great quality product or feature, but the good news is – Android widgets are under way.

As for our schedule regarding future Android development, there are some features that are already finished and will be published very soon in the upcoming update. These are:

  • Language selection (some of the languages that are already supported on the Todoist web-app will be available on Android)
  • Background synchronization
  • Jelly Bean notifications
  • Task note indicators and counters

After this, we will add new Settings accessible through the Andoid app including:

  • Date settings
  • Notification configuration
  • Default start page

Some mid- to long-term features we’re currently planning to add are:

  • Support of sub-tasks/sub-projects (collapsing, correct display, etc.)
  • Support of header tasks and projects
  • Tablet-optimized layouts

Of course that’s not all as we’re constantly monitoring any activity in the Android Votebox where we read all your suggestions. We may change priorities on some features, put new ones on schedule, and implement some smaller changes in the meantime.

Like you, we’re looking forward to seeing all these changes implemented soon and, as always, we greatly appreciate your feedback, suggestions for improvement, or any other ideas that can help us make our products even better.

You’re welcome to continue to send in new questions in the comments below this post and we will answer them in future Q&A sessions.

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