What we did, what we plan to do

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to review the amazing strides we’ve made in 2012, and give you a preview of the amazing things to come.

Big wins in 2012

This was a very productive year for us, and of course we used Todoist and Wedoist to help us get it all done! Here are some highlights of 2012:

  • We grew a loyal base of more than 500,000 users
  • We built an amazing distributed team that spans 9 countries and four continents
  • We built Todoist on HTML5 for greater responsiveness and seamless online/offline access
  • We released native mobile app versions of Todoist for Android and iPhone
  • We received overwhelmingly positive product feedback from users and the media, including being chosen as a top life hack by The Next Web

Big plans for 2013

We plan to build on this year’s success to deliver even more innovation and value to our users in 2013. Our focus next year will be on building and extending Todoist and Wedoist functionality to make them even more useful in the workplace. Our users tell us there’s a big need for streamlined, powerful productivity tools at work, and we plan to address that need by:

  • Improving the speed and responsiveness of Todoist and Wedoist
  • Maintaining the highest privacy and security standards
  • Releasing new user-requested features, such as tablet support for Todoist, better productivity visualization tools, and a Wedoist mobile app

And—our most exciting news—we also have big plans in the works to release a new product. We’ll be sharing more details in the coming months, but for now, we can tell you that it combines task and project management on a single, integrated platform.

A big thank-you to our users

As we prepare for a new year and a fresh start, we’d like to say thank you:

  • Thanks for trusting us with your important tasks and projects. We’ll never take it for granted.
  • Thanks for telling your friends and colleagues about us. By sharing, you’ve helped us grow our user base exponentially.
  • Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. Your requests and input helped make our products even better.

We hope you all have a happy and productive New Year!

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