Zero Inbox Policy with Todoist

As a Todoist user, you appreciate having your tasks sorted into projects , with custom labels and due dates, but how organized is your email inbox?

If you’re trying to achieve greater organization and productivity with your email—or even if you’re attempting to follow a “zero inbox policy”, Todoist can help.

With Todoist, managing your inbox can be easier than you’ve ever imagined. You can use our great free and Premium features to schedule your incoming tasks in Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird or any other email client you use.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. By linking your emails within Todoist tasks.
  2. By forwarding your emails to your Todoist projects.

Each has its advantages and can be helpful depending on the email client you use and also on how frequently you use a mobile device to work.

Linking messages to tasks

This method is preferred if you’re working with your email software and would like to have an option to quickly access the message you’re linked to, to send a reply.

To use this feature, you would use one of Todoist’s integration:

The plugins can be installed in seconds and you’re good to go. Now the process is simple – highlight the message you want to add as a task or open it and use the “Add email as task” link in the Todoist plugin. It can be found in two places:

  • In the “Quick Add” menu:

Todoist Task Manager - Add email as task in Chrome

  • Within any project at the bottom of your task list:

Todoist Task Manager - Add emails as tasks in Firefox
Simply click on this link and add a task linked directly to the message you’re reading. You can  schedule it for a particular date and time, or attach a label to it right away:
Managing Inbox with Todoist
Now, each time you click on this link, it will bring you to the same message so you can quickly reply to it.

Forwarding messages to Todoist projects

If you link a task using the method above, you can access the message within your email client, but with Todoist Premium, you don’t even need an email client or any additional plugin to add tasks via email. You can forward a message directly to a project from anywhere.

All you need is the unique email address of the project you want to send or forward tasks to. You can find it by right-clicking on the project you’d like to send your tasks to and choosing “Email tasks to this project”.
Todoist - Email tasks to projects
A popup window will open containing the unique email address of this particular project, along with detailed instructions on how to add labels or due dates using this method:
Todoist - Email task properties

TIP! If you want to send or forward emails to your projects using multiple email addresses (which can be useful if you’d like to allow other people to add tasks directly to your Todoist project), you must add these addresses at the bottom of this window:

Todoist - Multiple emails
Now you’re good to go. No set up required. Open an email, forward it to your project and it will appear on your task list right away. Got asked to go to a meeting on Tuesday at 10am? Forward this message to your project, type <date tue at 10am> and it’s scheduled.
Todoist - Forwarding mails as tasks
The subject of the message becomes the task name and the email body becomes the task note. Now you can access it anytime—on your mobile, on the web—and you won’t need your email client to see what it’s about.

TIP! You can add the email addresses of your Todoist projects to your contact list to quickly access them without having to remember the IDs of your project. Just name them “TD-Phonecalls”, “TD-Meetings” and add tasks anywhere, anytime.

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