Q&A Session with the Todoist team

In response to our previous Q&A session, we’ve received two great new questions from our customers on our Google+ page

Jutta asked:

“Being a developer myself with all co-workers in the same location, I wonder how you manage working in such a widely distributed team (apart from using *ist tools of course). Do you ever meet in person or is it all “virtual”?”

As you’ll see on our corporate website http://doist.io , our team is widely spread around the world, and although we work together daily, most of us have never met in person. We work virtually most of the time, and our virtual collaboration happens almost exclusively on Wedoist. It’s our primary workplace where we co-ordinate all our services, including development, promotion, and customer service, for Wedoist and Todoist.

When we want to talk voice-to-voice or face-to-face, we’ll use Skype, and for more complex software development tasks, we rely on GitHub.

We currently have two offices – one in Chile and one in Portugal. We offer our full-time employees an option to rent an office space if they prefer to work outside their home, but it’s not a requirement and we’re managing to work online very well using web-based collaboration tools.

Steven asked:

“I use the Todoist Chrome extension which already provides offline use and cloud syncing functionality. What, if anything, would I gain by installing the Windows app?”

The main advantage of using our Windows app is that it gives you instant access to your tasks. When using any of our browser or email client plugins, in order to add or manage tasks, the browser window or the email client must be active to access the plugin.

That’s not required in our Windows (and Mac) app as it supports global keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Alt+T – to show/hide the Todoist app
  • Ctrl+Alt+A – to quickly add a task

Both shortcuts are configurable. Todoist for Windows uses the Notifications Area (system tray) to stay open, allowing quick access through these shortcuts. Clicking on this icon allows you to access the “Configuration” where you can change these shortcuts.

This way, you can add a task or a quick idea to Todoist anytime, anywhere—regardless of what other application you’re working with.

Thank you for sending in your questions. We appreciate your interest in our products. You’re welcome to add new questions in the comments below this post and we will answer them in future Q&A sessions.

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