Doist’s new office in Portugal

As our team grows, we’ve decided to open a new office in Porto, Portugal where our fantastic mobile developers will continue to improve and create great apps for Android and iOS.

As always at Doist, it all started with a very minimalistic approach:

Doist's Office in Porto - first impression

which wasn’t optimal for the long term. A short visit to a popular Northern European furniture market has speedily solved this issue:

Doist Porto - shopping

Unfortunately, we’ve purchased a puzzle:

Doist Porto - an office as a puzzle

But luckily, it turned out that our developers also specialize in wooden applications. It took a combination of Android and iOS development expertise, but as Steve Jobs always said, quoting Alan Kay: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware“:

Doist Porto - Android and iOS expertize combined

Finally, we’ve managed to assemble a part of our office. As always, defined by clear design and simplicity:

Doist Porto - assembled

And, here, the final, fully assembled version of our new office:

Doist Porto - final version_full

with a beautiful view of Porto outside:

Doist Porto - the view from our office

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