Guest Post: Kevin Tea’s Favorite Task Manager

Kevin Tea
Like anyone who has an interest in task management I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done – GTD – and, to be perfectly honest, I just didn’t GTP – get the point. I don’t have a particularly busy or complicated business and social life but have reached an age where my wife says I would forget my balls if they weren’t in a bag so some form of aide memoir is necessary.

Technology has greatly assisted in my Holy Grail quest for the best system and I must have tried them all. I have Remembered The Milk, Toodledo’d all over the place, got acquainted with a Scandinavian beauty called Astrid and delved deep in to my inner yogic self with Asana. I didn’t find enlightenment and task management nirvana eluded me.

I cannot identify why these tried and tested services didn’t work for me. Most of them have been around for years and have trillions of fanatical adherents so they must be doing something right. But they just didn’t gel with my mindset. I recall falling out with Toodledo because I felt that the interface had looked like it had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson – just too ugly for me to work with. Then along came Todoist.

Amir had given me the nod about the new-look Android app. I was blown away with how slick and sleek it was. Looking into the other modules I was amazed at how many options Todoist covered – Windows, Thunderbird, Firefox, iOS and Outlook. The other thing that struck me was the stunning level of support. There were video tutorials galore, so many Amir and his team must have required Equity cards to film them!

Responsive. There’s another important word in my wish list vocabulary. There’s an excellent Votebox facility on the Todoist site that allows users to provide feedback and requests for features. With many others I asked for a Postbox email extension. Within a month Amir had emailed me a beta asking for my opinion.

Power and personalization are two more important words. Behind the slick, sleek interface is a lot of flexible oomph that allows users to personalise the way they work with projects, labels and filters. Todoist also provides a warm glow or cold chill by reporting back how productive you have been – or not as the case may be!

I have long hammered on that the future of the Internet and cloud computing is mobile and Todoist enables me to work on the go. Tasks can range from a simple one word reminder to a fully featured task management system where the notes facility can allow you to outline projects and tasks in great depth and detail. You never know when and where inspiration will strike so the ability for me to create tasks as and when they occur to me is of paramount importance – not least because by the time I get to my desktop PC I will probably have forgotten it (see paragraph 1).

There isn’t space in this post to go into every detail so my advice to you is to download as many of the modules as you require and get down and dirty with seeing how easy and powerful Todoist is.

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