How Todoist helped me to increase my salary by 30%, and enjoy working in the process

Todoist contest winner - Genie

I started to use Todoist almost three years ago. I worked as a content manager at the popular guitarist community website, and I had a lot of different tasks to get done daily. That was uncomfortable to keep in mind all tasks that I needed to do, remember new ones, and set priorities. But then, in a friendly conversation with a colleague, he advised me to use some task management tools that would help eep my work more organized. One of those tools was Todoist, and I liked it the most.

For me, the best Todoist feature is “Todoist Anywhere” – it allows me to open my task list while visiting any website. After completing any task online, I was using a hotkey combination to open a Todoist pop-up right on the page I was viewing, and mark the task as “done”. That was not only quick and easy, but also seemed like an interesting game with achievements for me.
So in a short amount of time, Todoist helped me to increase my productivity, complete more tasks in less time, to remember important tasks, and even remind my boss about them. Sometimes I was even creating my work reports using my task history from Todoist… Of course my increase in productivity is what encouraged my boss to increase my salary by 30%.
Now I use Todoist not only for work, but mostly for personal productivity. I plan a daily schedule, add new plans for the future, check-off important tasks, and I even keep my gym trainings and sports diet schedule in Todoist.

Our contest winner's to-do list

How I won the iPhone 5 giveaway with Todoist

Funny thing– for work I’ve organized some giveaways for a lot of people. And one giveaway even with the same prize! So when I saw that Todoist was organizing their own giveaway for loyal users, I was happy to recommend this tool for all my friends on Facebook.

I wasn’t thinking about winning it, I just felt loyal to Todoist. So it was very surprising and cool to see the winner notification from David in my email one day:

Hello Evgeniy!

On behalf of the entire Todoist team, congratulations! You are one of the Todoist Facebook contest winners! Thank you for participating and being a loyal Todoist user – we very much appreciate your support and hope you will continue to increase your productivity using the Todoist mobile app on your brand new smartphone.

What goes around comes around, I guess! Always believe in yourself and your power. If you really want something, you can achieve it. And the most important– do something to achieving a goal. Add your greatest goals in your Todoist list right now, split it into smaller steps, and get them done. Good luck!

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