User Story: our second Todoist Facebook contest winner – Jeff

Todoist Facebook contest winner - Jeff Lam Tian Hung
Since my high school days, I always believed in writing down and scheduling my tasks to allow my mind to focus on thinking of new things rather than remembering facts. Being a startup entrepreneur, business student, product designer and web developer, you can pretty much guess the number of things and commitment I have at any one point in time is pretty high!

I used to write down to-do lists on a hardcopy diary/journal book, but that of course was too slow to manage after awhile. I then search and tried out various to-do tools out there… but none seems to fit the bill to my preference for minimalism, fast and quick access via the keyboard and drag-and-drop, and ubiquity for access on the computer and the smartphone. That is, of course, until I discovered Todoist!

Todoist helps me easily put down tasks and categorize them according to the type (School, Life Matters, Work, etc) and prioritize them with due dates and labels. When the occasional task demand that I complete it within a specific hour, Todoist allows me to easily add email reminders to ensure I don’t get distracted.

I’m definitely looking forward to more exciting stuff from Todoists with the new smartphone and the ever-improving smartphone application. Thank you, Todoist for keeping my life organized and well-scheduled!

Jeff Lam Tian Hung

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