Using Todoist in Advertising Agencies – Gustavo’s Highlights

Gustavo and Clarissa - Todoist users from Brazil
We love hearing how Todoist helps people around the world organize their life, both personal and professional. Today, our user story comes all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil where Gustavo Alvarenga and his wife utilize Todoist to develop and keep running their six-year-old advertising agency called Mude Publicidade.

Gustavo and his wife, Clarissa, have been using Todoist for the last two years to organize their personal tasks as well as their work life– which seems very successful, check our their agency’s client list! One aspect Gustavo likes most about Todoist is the security, saying it’s “a serious site and very safe.” But more than anything, he is most excited about Todoist’s cross-platform availability where he accesses his “tasks from the website, Android, and Outlook,” adding, “Thanks for that!

Organizing one’s tasks by date and time makes all the difference,” says Gustavo when we asked him to share his #1 productivity tip. This can easily be done in Todoist– when in a project, click the settings wheel in the right corner, and select “sort by date” and voila!

Thanks again to Gustavo for sharing! If you’re also interested in being featured in our blog please get in touch with us at

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