Using Todoist for Productivity at University

Todoist user - Jesse Manalansan
This week we’re featuring a story and a short productivity tip from Jesse – a passionate Todoist user from the Philippines:

“Hi, I’m Jesse Manalansan, an 18 year old student from the Philippines studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Mapúa Institute of Technology. My hobby is to design and develop websites.

Todoist helps me achieve my goals by keeping track of what I need to do for my college studies whether be it in quizzes, homeworks, organization meetings, and other stuff. It’s like my personal to-do list. It’s really handful, since I’m a technology oriented person, I prefer this kinds of to-do list, rather than the traditional note taking; Plus the mobile apps are really handful in replacing the traditional paper or diary of to-do lists for the day.

One short productivity tip I can give is to have a proper time management. Manage your time. Have time for checking your Facebook News Feed, Twitter timeline, emails and alike. You should also even avoid tweeting while you’re doing school works, because it not helps you focus. Avoid distractions.”

Jesse, thank you very much for sharing your story, you’ve received a 1 year Premium membership to keep improving your productivity with Todoist.

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