Color-coding projects and labels – a relief for the brain

Color-coding projects with Todoist
If it’s red, it’s important. If it’s a lighter color, it’s a lower priority than a more saturated color– that’s how our basic priorities work. Todoist also provides other tools to help you recognize your tasks, their importance, status and even context. Here’s how:

Color-coded projects

You can use up to 22 different colors on a Todoist Premium account to color-code your projects. Whether you set one color for each project or same colors for project groups, when you browse through your daily or weekly tasks, you’ll recognize which project they belong to faster than you’ll able to read the name of the project.

Our brains require less time and effort to recognize a color than to look at a text, read it and associate a context with it. By tagging projects with different colors, it’s much easier to quickly see what tasks can be done at home if it’s a green project, and at work if it’s a red project, for example.

Color-coded labels

Our Premium users have the option to set one of 13 colors for each label. As we’ve written in our past articles, labels can be used to track a tasks’ context or status. You have complete freedom to choose the names of labels so you can have @waiting tasks, @delegated tasks, tasks that require @phonecalls or tasks that can be done @home or @work. But once again – reading these words isn’t nearly as fast as recognizing their colors.

Look at the screenshot below and you’ll be able to see that some tasks have similarities before you start reading any task or label name:
Color-coding labels with Todoist
Since you’re the one setting a color for each label, you’ll recognize the context or status immediately.

Not just for people

Animal coloration has many different implications – camouflage, alerting, distraction, etc. These natural ways for animals or plants to communicate something without words can also be used in your daily task management. Whether tasks to do @someday have a rather repelling color and tasks associated with @home a color you consider more comforting, these signals can contribute to the way you think about them, help you prioritize them and know how to react in each situation.

How do you use colors to coordinate your Todoist tasks? Let us (and other readers!) know in the comments.

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