Completely reimagined Todoist 2.0 for Android launches today

Todoist 2.0 for Android
Today, we’re proud to announce the debut of our entirely rethought Android app for smartphones and tablets. It has some outstanding new features that make it, hands-down, the most sophisticated task manager app for Android on the market.

In this new version, you’ll find:

  • the ability to create a perfect task, sub-task, project, sub-project hierarchy (the only app on the market that does this);
  • enhanced search capabilities (full-text, date, and conditional searches);
  • easier task adding (new “add task” screen and inbox feature);
  • new design coherent with Android’s newest visual standards;
  • and further Premium features like flexible task reminders, simplified notes, and a new customizable filter.

Todoist’s founder, Amir Salihefendic, says that “Todoist 2.0 is the best work our Android team has ever accomplished. I am really looking forward to seeing our users’ reaction once they experience this outstandingly reimagined version of the app.

In light of this exciting release, we’re giving away two brand new Nexus 7 tablets– to participate click here.

We really look forward to hearing what you think of the new Todoist 2.0 for Android. Let us know in the comments!

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