To do or not to do?

As the name “to do list” already suggests, the most common way of task management is to add tasks that you’re planning to do and check them off as you complete them. But how about creating a list of things you should not do?

Actively getting rid of bad habits

When we plan our tasks and our goal is, for example, a more healthy lifestyle, we often add tasks such as “morning exercise”, “eat an apple”, “drink 15 cups of water every day” (each can be a separate sub-task) to our list. And that’s great, but if you complete the “morning exercise” task and, immediately after, eat a cake and smoke 5 cigarettes, it won’t really help you accomplish your goal.

That said, another way to manage your tasks is to create “negative tasks.” In addition to your “to-dos”, create some “do-nots.” As you know, Todoist rewards you with positive Karma for completing a task and negative Karma for postponing it, so if you create recurring “Do NOT eat chocolate” or “Do NOT smoke” tasks scheduled “every day” in your “Habits” project, you can review it each day and if you’ve managed to not do anything unhealthy during the day, you can complete the task and score some Karma. If you didn’t – postpone it to tomorrow… and lose Karma.
Negative tasks at

A healthy task list

No matter which to-do list method you choose, some of the most important tasks to include in your daily life should include healthy eating, and exercise– both of which can make a huge difference on how you feel and what you accomplish.

This article from UCLA, explains how nutrition and exercise can increase productivity (and lower healthcare costs):

“Productivity will go down when you’re not eating properly and nutrition is very, very important for mental activity and to maintain productivity. (…) In today’s fast-paced world, eating properly and maintaining an exercise regimen can seem like luxuries rather than necessities. However, in the long run, taking the time to eat well-balanced meals and working out increases productivity and can help your company’s bottom line.”

Healthy = productive
Having a list of what you need to do, but also what you shouldn’t be doing can greatly help you take control of your goals in a much better way than motivating yourself just to do something positive, but not prevent you from doing something negative.

Once you have your daily or weekly routine written out in Todoist, it becomes much easier to become more healthy. You should notice almost immediately that you will start adding more into your list, and you will start to accomplish more tasks and most importantly – you will want to accomplish them.

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