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Allan Christensen - Business Developer at DoistAllan Christensen – Business Developer at Doist

We always love to hear our users’ stories and productivity tips and now we’d like to introduce ourselves – who we are, what we do and how our tools improve our productivity.

To start up, we’d like to introduce Allan Christensen, our Business Developer.

Who I am

At Doist we are a very diverse team, my background is no exception! I am 34 years old, born and raised in Denmark, and I am out of a family of Pipe Organ Builders! I’m the third generation of the family company and for many years the obvious choice to lead on the family business, but after six years I decided it was time for a change. Instead I moved on to get myself an engineering degree and an MBA to prepare for a business life outside the parish hall!

How I got involved in Doist

At Doist I do everything related to Business Development, and I’ve been with the company for almost two years. I met Amir (founder of Doist) when I spent time in Chile finishing my thesis whose topic was: “Customer Development Process Methodology for a Trading Company.” He needed someone to help him with building the business around Todoist and Wedoist, and that was how I ended up spending two years in Chile instead of the planned four months!

How I work

My Todoist and Wedoist accounts are closely intertwined– my favorite tool is the Chrome plugin for Todoist. I use it to manage anything in Wedoist that I can’t deal with instantly (at Doist we use Wedoist exclusively for project management). The plugin allows me to add tasks, comments and status updates in Wedoist as tasks in Todoist – I use it all the time. When it comes to the way I work on a daily basis, my mantra is inspired by Brian Tracy’s book “Eat That Frog!” The thinking behind it is this: complete the task you’re most likely to procrastinate on as the first thing you do on any given day. That way, you have the worst behind you, and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Brian Tracy quotes Mark Twain who said: “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day” That is also my recommendation, try NOT to open your email when you get into the office, instead, eat the ugliest frog on the desk in front of you!

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