Todoist now fully available in Albanian

Todoist in Albanian
With the help of one of Todoist’s biggest fans, Erion– a Todoist user who volunteered to translate the entire service into his native language– the app and software is now fully available in Albanian!

The task was not easy; the full translation is close to 12,000 words. Yet, Erion pulled it off and completed the entire translation and, of that, we are so grateful! Erion has since been awarded a Premium Todoist account, of which he has been enjoying saying: “I use Todoist in my day to day activities. It has an easy to use interface, offers great functionality and has made it possible for me never to forget a task again. I would recommend this to anyone.”

There are nearly 7.4 million people who speak Albanian, an Indo-European language in a branch by itself that shares hardly any characteristics with other languages. As of today, Albanian speakers will be able to enjoy all of Todoist’s services in their native tongue, making it the 18th language in which you can utilize Todoist.

We’d like to especially thank Erion for taking on and completing this massive task, all on his own good will. Faleminderit!

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