Todoist is now available in Romanian

Todoist in Romanian
One of our amazing users, Nicolae from Romania, has completely translated our service into his native language making Todoist fully available in Romanian!

Translating Todoist is not an easy task– over 12,000 words, due date sheets, app descriptions and parser shortcuts must be completely translated before we can offer full support for a language on Todoist, but Nicolae mastered this task. He’s been enjoying using Todoist for quite a while – “Todoist is so good that I could finally replace OmniFocus and have all my tasks synchronized on my MacBook Pro and Android Phone!”, he says. “I like the Premium features: with them I feel that Todoist comes from the future of task management! Great work!”

Speaking of great work, thank you so much for your help, Nicolae. You’ve done an amazing job and Romanian is now the 19th language in which you can use Todoist as your personal task management app. Mulţumesc!

Todoist Team

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