5 Month Internet Marketing Internship at Doist

Doist Ltd.
Doist, a fast-growing company founded by a Danish entrepreneur, is seeking to hire an intern for a five-month internship, beginning as soon as possible. The position is focused on search engine marketing (SEM) encompassing areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and email, referral and content marketing. Through your work, you will bring new customers to our site, as well as establish the presence of the company’s products on the web.

Some further details about the internship include:

  • The position will focus a lot on search engine optimization and how we can improve our presence on the internet by optimizing anything from meta tag, title tag, content, keywords and etc.
  • You’ll be monitoring competitors’ search engine actions and initiatives.
  • You’ll be overlooking content we post on external sites and that are crawlable by the search engine bots to make sure it’s SEOed.
  • You’ll be working closely with our international representatives to secure we are SEOed in all languages we support (currently 17 for Todoist and 12 for Wedoist). You’ll also be looking into optimizing for other search engines such as Baidu in China, and Yandex in Russia.
  • Improving S.E. indexing of our international domains such as fr.todoist.com and es.todoist.com.
  • You’ll be in charge of the company’s SEO activities and will draw up a comprehensive SEO strategy for each of our software to give them the best possible prerequisite to generate as much traffic as possible to our sites.

Desired skills

  • Excellent written/spoken English.
  • Intermediate knowledge of marketing/analytics.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Interest in working in an international, multi-cultural setting.

Doist is a very international company, operating in a dynamic sector– the work will be fast-paced and challenging. We are looking for somebody self-motivated with a desire to learn. You will be supported throughout the process and given access to adequate tools, like premium access to Moz.com, but the ability to work independently is required. As we are looking to hire a full-time search engine marketing strategist to be in charge of the company’s SEM activities next year, this is an outstanding opportunity for someone who would like a career in Marketing and be a real asset to the Doist team.

There is the option to carry out the internship at Doist’s HQ in sunny Porto, Portugal. A round trip flight to Porto would be provided as will help finding accommodation (though accommodation will not be paid for). We are however extremely flexible and you can work from wherever in the world.

About Doist

Together, our products, Wedoist and Todoist, manage millions of tasks and projects for hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies. For personal task management, we developed Todoist, which organizes, schedules and prioritizes personal tasks for over 1.1M users simply and intuitively across 12 platforms including iOS, Android, Outlook, Mac and others. Wedoist is our project management solution that uses the same streamlined approach to help groups assign and follow-up on tasks within collaborative projects. Our tools are trusted by Fortune 100 company employees at Citi, IBM, HP, Bank of America, Gillette, and more.

Contact information

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity please contact Allan Christensen at allan@wedoist.com.

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