What Subconscious Mind Blocks Are Preventing You From Being Awesome?

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We all have different reasons for putting off our goals, whether they be daily ones for the big one. However once you find out what is preventing you from accomplishing your tasks and goals can help you move past it and start being awesome.

You Don’t Want to Do It

This is easily one of the main reasons why most people procrastinate and put off tasks that need to be done. One great strategy that I found to actually completing the tasks are a avoid for as long as possible is one introduced by Brian Tracy in his book, Eat That Frog. The analogy in point of the book (which is a short but powerful read) is that you should always “eat that frog,” or do the task you hate the most, first thing in your day.

Tracy states that eating a frog is surely the worst thing that could happen to the majority of people each day, and by making your most hated task your frog for the day, the rest of the remaining hours will be a pleasant and productive. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to complete the rest of your tasks (which don’t seem so bad by comparison) after you eat your morning frog.

You are Scared

Whether it is work responsibilities for bigger life tasks, there are always things that at a conscious or even subconscious level, we are scared to do. When it comes to work, these can be things like asking your boss for a raise or firing one of your subordinates. However, the task you are scared to do are usually the ones that need to be done the most. By placing a lot of emotional significance on something you are scared of, it may affect your other daily tasks or life plans.

And when it comes to life plans, wanting to do something but being scared to do it is certainly a hurdle that needs to be overcome in order to start experiencing what you want most. For instance, many first-time parents put off having a baby because they feel like they are ready. But some of the scariest things in life are also the most worthwhile, whether that be starting a family or traveling around the world solo.

You Are Bored

One thing that has been revelatory to many freelancers (and employees) is realizing that when you putt off a task for client, it may be because they don’t interest you anymore and your services could be better used elsewhere. Whenever you find yourself regularly putting off reoccurring tasks, figure out if there’s a better way to do them.

For example, taxes are something that are hard to get excited about. For this reason, hiring an accountant may be worth the money because it replaces repeated efforts spent trying to stay up-to-date with taxes, when something else more productive could be accomplished elsewhere.

You Know It’s Not Right

You may not even be subconsciously aware that you are putting off task because you know it’s either not right from a moral standpoint, or isn’t the best way to do it. Gives you anxious butterflies or you find yourself frustrated because you know there’s a better way, sit down and develop a plan to get the task completed, in a way that you can stand behind. If this isn’t possible, it may be time to discuss the task with your boss or allocated to someone else who doesn’t mind the process.

While many of us take a personal vendetta against making things better, some companies would rather employees focus on completing tasks rather than reinventing the wheel. In these cases, it’s up to you to decide the best way to handle the task, and then allocate it or complete it as necessary.

You Don’t Want to be Perfect

In a world where many professionals (and even stay-at-home parents) are expected to be available via their cell phone or online communication at all times, the expectation to be always on top of everything can be too much. This leads many men and women to suffer from “Imposter Syndrome,” which is the instance of being afraid you are worthy enough of what you’ve achieved personally or professionally, or you’re afraid of being exposed as a “fake,” even though you’ve worked hard to accomplish your goals.

As a result, you may be subconsciously sabotaging yourself by not completing your daily tasks or personal and professional goals in order to prove to yourself that you aren’t as “great” as everyone thinks you are. If you think this may be the case, counseling or work with a life coach may help you overcome these hurdles that are holding you back from achieving better productivity and success, which come along with true feelings of accomplishment.

The matter what your reasons are for not being the best version of yourself, take a deeper look at the tasks and goals you are avoiding and try to get to the root cause of why each one hasn’t been done yet. Next, outlined a to do list of each task work all, broken down into concrete steps. Breaking down a seemingly overwhelming project into smaller steps can make it seem more manageable.

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