Simplicity– Your Ultimate Key to Productivity

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Albert Einstein couldn’t have been more correct: “out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” It’s that same corner stone that has guided Todoist’s design principles since we began working on the software back in 2007. And it’s that ideal that can be your ultimate key to productivity.

When you’ve removed the unnecessary clutter from your tasks at hand, your desk at work, or even from your living room, there is more space to be inspired and to think creatively. The streamlined, simple design of Todoist’s software and apps, therefore, “gets out of the way” of your work and productivity. We do everything possible to eliminate unnecessary distractions and help to augment your concentration at the tasks at hand– not on fanciful bells and whistles. At the same time, Todoist allows you to achieve your most important goals with powerful features and plug-ins that, also, are designed to work as effortlessly as possible.

In the coming days we will introduce the NEXT step of productivity… Stay tuned and stay productive!

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