Todoist Launches New Outlook and Postbox Apps for Complete Inbox Zen

Today, we’re very excited to announce a complete rewrite of our Outlook app, and the launch of a brand new plug-in for Postbox! Todoist now fully supports four email platforms: Outlook, Postbox, Gmail, and Thunderbird.

With the average person spending 28% of their day on email, we hope that this update and launch will help millions of people, including over 400 million Outlook users and over 425 million Gmail users,  achieve their biggest tasks and finally achieve Inbox Zero.

The update includes a handful of bug fixes in our Outlook app and, now, Outlook users will enjoy the same awesomely smooth task management experience that other users experience in our iOS, Chrome, or Windows apps, for example.

Todoist Outlook

In addition, Postbox fans can now take advantage of Todoist’s full productivity suite with a new plug-in that lets you save emails as tasks with just one click. Similar to Todoist for Gmail, the Postbox plug-in will help you conquer your inbox with seamless productivity tools like:

  • Easily convert emails into tasks directly from your inbox;
  • Collaborate with other people from within your email client (delegate tasks, receive comments and notifications, discuss projects in real-time, etc.);
  • See your task list in your email window;
  • Access powerful features like recurring tasks, priorities, sub-projects and sub-tasks;
  • and stay fully synchronized across Todoist’s 13 platforms.

Todoist Postbox

It’s time to manage your inbox so that it stops managing you. Achieve inbox zero with Todoist’s four awesome email apps: Todoist for OutlookTodoist for PostboxTodoist for Gmail, and Todoist for Thunderbird.

Todoist Team

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