How Great Customer Support has Helped Us Grow to Over 1.5M Users

Meet David and Brendon, part of our Support Team. They’ve been key to Todoist’s growth to over one million users and are responsible for keeping those one million plus users happy and productive with round-the-clock, multiplatform support. It’s a position that requires highly detailed expertise of Todoist and the 13 platforms on which our software/apps run. But most of all, it requires genuine care of our community and a genuine motivation to make their (your!) experience as outstanding as possible.

Team Todoist office

Here, they share their experiences leading a top, international customer support team and their insights into why great customer support is so essential for your business, no matter what your industry.

Customer Support– Why we care.

Whether it’s pre- or post-sale, customer support is a place where the customer sees whether the company truly cares about him/her. We do care, a lot. In fact, it’s one of the core elements of our business here at Todoist.

We love our apps and use them every day ourselves, which is why we’re so enthusiastic about sharing them with our community and improving them based on your feedback. The majority of Todoist’s features have actually been added and improved upon based on your feedback.

We read everything.

There’s not one email or response in the support section that hasn’t been read. We respond to every question via email, support forum, and social media as fast as we’re humanly able. Many of us have received horrible support, dealt with bad phone systems, and have waited forever for replies– to be able to provide the support we’ve always hoped to receive is a dream. Both of us have spent years on support forums where other people are the expert, it’s nice to be on the other side now :)

In Todoist’s support section, we have a Votebox where feature requests are added by users. These, also, are all read not just by us, but directly by our developers. Each suggestion is considered, discussed, and is planned according to both its popularity and compliance with our vision to offer a powerful, easy to use, and beautifully designed software (a reason why Todoist is consistently chosen by our customers in the first place). We have to keep that in mind.

Say, also, that someone decides to no longer use Todoist and deletes their account. If they provide feedback about why they didn’t like it, we’re notified, and read every single one and reply immediately, when needed.

Todoist Votebox

As a job, support is very interesting.

It’s an interesting job due to the variety and unpredictability– almost each report is unique. Each, therefore, is a challenge to solve. We’re happy to provide the specific answer, announcement, or productivity tip that will help you do something amazing in a more efficient way.

There are challenges, too, of course. We need a clear description of a reported glitch which we need to be able to reproduce in order to identify and report it to the developers. At the same time, we understand our users’ frustration when something goes wrong; sometimes we can’t solve the problem without asking for more details, which means that each question may delay the solution. It’s a balance between gathering the necessary information and providing quick solutions.

Todoist provides a great work environment where we work on a team (though remotely and without rigid work hours) that really gets along and enjoys each other’s camaraderie which is essential to our productivity. Allowing us to work in our own style, on our own schedule, makes us very happy, and a happy people do great work :)

Good support is crucial for any business.

Indeed, we work hard to provide the best, easiest-to-use, most powerful and– most importantly– reliable and bug-free product we can. But what if something goes wrong? What if, even after thoroughly testing every new feature or update released to our userbase of over 1.4 million people, a bug is found? This “what if” scenario is something that unfortunately many companies don’t seem to consider relevant. Once the product is sold, nothing else matters… That’s NOT what we think.

It’s the contrary– once the product is sold, it matters a lot that it serves every user well and that they get the experience they deserve. And not just Premium customers– every user is treated equally. There are no support tiers based on payment plans; it’s the same service for everyone and we encourage all of our users to take full advantage of it.

Let us know how you use Todoist, and what would you like to see in it in the future– suggest new features in our Votebox and let us create something we’ll all continue to enjoy. You, our community, shapes the future of our apps, which hopefully can shape the future of your business and personal life.

Finally, we’re hiring! If you’re interested in joining David, Brendon and the rest of our stellar support team (with awesome benefits!) please see more details here.

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