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If there’s one thing that we love here at Todoist, it’s learning about how our software and apps improve the lives of our wonderful community of users. You’ve shared your stories with us– from literally all around the world– and we have continued to find such inspiration in your achievements that we’ve decided to create a new blog fully devoted to you and your successes.

To start, we’ve got stories from Lisa, an entrepreneur, from the USA, Jesse, a student from the Philippines, Evgeniy from Russia, and Matthias from Germany. Like you, they’re business owners, tech enthusiasts, students, bloggers, and homemakers, and are motivated to reach their goals whether they be getting good grades, increasing their salary, or simply becoming more productive.

We’ve gathered many stories that we’re truly proud to share with the rest of our community. If you would like to share the milestones you’ve achieved with the help of Todoist, tips on how Todoist has helped you in a certain niche/activity, or simply how Todoist fits into your busy life, please email us at

To visit our new blog, simply click here.

Cheers to you!

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