Today’s Service Outage on Todoist

Throughout this morning and parts of last night, many users experienced extended synchronization issues on multiple Todoist platforms, including iOS and Web. Your many tasks and achievements are truly our most important motivation– please accept our most sincere apologies for failing to meet your expectations today.

Thanks to the tireless work of our engineering team, the issue has now been resolved, and we are currently focused on correcting the bug that caused the outage as well as ensuring that this does not occur again. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Doist, and we continually strive to implement improvements to make our systems better.

For those interested in a more technical explanation of what occurred, please read on. A number of our servers crashed/got restarted and we are not aware of the cause. One of these servers did not return online because it had a bad disk configuration. We then tried to restore this server, which was problematic seeing as we could not boot it up. Once everything was back online, Todoist was slow due to tens of thousands of users all syncing at the same time.

With our services back to normal, we will take several steps to prevent and streamline these issues in the event of another outage. We will correct the bug and make sure it has not left any lingering effects, we will increase the size and scope of our engineering team, and we will agilize our communications systems to ensure a more rapid response in the time of crisis.

For any inconveniences this has caused you, we truly apologize.


Amir Salihefendic
CEO and founder of Doist

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