4 Ways to Improve your Studies with Todoist

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From an early age, I have been obsessed with using to-do lists throughout my day; whether it was in school or at home, I would be scribbling long lists of actions that needed to be completed that day or for the future. In the information age, we need to be able to manage all our tasks and make use of the super-computers in our pockets within a fingertip’s reach.

Simplify all your School Subjects

Early on in school, I remember having to manage so many different subjects– we had around ten to twelve subjects that we covered in a week, every week of the year, it was insane. As the years go on, things get more specialized and your schedule is reduced to around one or two subjects. You need to be able to manage all of these and to do it well. A fantastic way to beat the stress of all these subjects is to use Todoist as an aid.

Todoist school

Start by setting up your Todoist Account, then:

  • Add all your subjects in the Projects section– for example: Maths, History, Chemistry, Language, etc.
  • Start adding your tasks to each area– for example: in Maths, add a task to “Make notes on YouTube lesson”

Make sure you write down every single small task in each specific area. Remember– your brain isn’t optimized for storing a large amount of tasks, so it’s important to get everything down. The GTD productivity method is good for this!

Make your Teamwork Awesome

Let’s imagine that your teacher has assigned a group project and you’ve been put with John, Bob and Sarah (John hates mobile phones, typical John). The project is to prepare a team presentation about a business idea. You need to act fast– John, Bob and Sarah have designated you as the Project Leader and the pressure is on. Get out your Todoist and make sure your team productive and focused:

  • Gather all your team’s email addresses.
  • Invite them to a shared project called “Business Idea Group Work.”
  • Once they’ve signed up, start adding tasks and assigning them to the right people.
  • Add due dates and delegate tasks with the tools on screen.
  • Get things done and make a killer presentation, now that you’re all organized.

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Halt for a second, John hates mobile phones, how did they get the project done? John’s a desktop guy, so he went home and downloaded Todoist for Mac while his team got the work done with applications on Android and iOS devices.

Comment with your Classmates

Todoist finally lets you do group work with lots of team members while also progressing with you different subjects individually. However, this feature will really make you smile– Todoist has added the ability for team members to add comments to tasks. Here is a good example: you’ve just started working on a long project with friends in your History class, this time you are not the team leader, Simon is. Simon isn’t very good at assigning tasks and he names them in a confusing manner.

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With Todoist comments, you can now ask Simon questions about what he requires for the tasks. You can even add files, images, voice recordings and smiley faces in order to get more support and information from your team. This has become a fantastic feature for getting further clarification on a task and a good discussion tool for when you need to chat with friends about work.

Make Big Projects Achievable

One problem that many students have is being able to achieve a large goal. Breaking this goal down into smaller more bite-sized chunks that are attainable isn’t always easy. An example is being assigned a 1,000 word essay. If this is due in five days, chances are, if you add a Todoist task called “Write 1,000 words for essay” you won’t be motivated to get started. If you break it down into smaller chunks, you’ll be able to complete it with ease. For example: “Write 250 words for essay,” and “Check for errors in 1st 250 words,” etc. This little tip will allow you to supercharge your motivation to complete the task and eliminate any or all procrastination.

Francesco D’Alessio is the incoming President of Igniting Enterprise at Plymouth University in the UK. He is also a contributing writer for Lifehack.org and a student ambassador to the Plymouth University Faculty of Business. Connect with him on Twitter at: FrancescoD_Ales.

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