Productivity Tricks for the Office: 3 Motivation Methods

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If you’re an employer looking to maximize motivation in your office, or an employee eager to get the very most out of your working day, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a number of productivity hacks guaranteed to optimize your output. Through a series of simple, actionable measures, you can transform your working environment into a hub of activity designed for optimal results at all times.

Manage Your Space

Your office space itself can impact both positively and negatively on motivation levels, depending on how effectively you’re utilizing the space. There are strategic elements involved which influence office productivity, similar to those used by retailers in pursuit of the optimal store layout. The methodical approaches used by forward-thinking employers ensure that all workers are ideally situated to perform efficiently, and at their best. Identify groups of employees who regularly collaborate and plan office groupings to accommodate this.

There are psychological aspects to bear in mind, too – with open plan office layouts designed to facilitate an atmosphere of openness among your team. Productivity is guaranteed to skyrocket in a working environment where communication is fluid and everyone is in their right place.

The logic behind strategically mapping your office environment is that communications can be streamlined and the office environment as a whole can be enhanced to suit your team’s style of working. By guaranteeing that your office is adaptable for both independent and collaborative work, creating a flexible aesthetic suited to all kinds of tasks, employers can be sure that their office is equipped for every eventuality.

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The nature of these new ‘flexible offices’ means they also have the potential to seriously cut costs for your business, with furnishings costing a fraction of traditional office desks and bullpen dividers – a major benefit for new and expanding businesses. Better yet, the increased employee motivation levels could mean greater productivity and, in turn, higher profits.

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Manage Your People

A reasonable and natural work-life balance ensures optimal performance during office hours, with employees working as happily and productively as possible. By maintaining a healthy equilibrium between work and home, employees are able to stay utterly focused while at work, and stress-free out of the office. Open communication channels are also essential here, with a necessity for employees to feel they can voice their opinions and worries to readdress the balance when they feel like they’re slipping.

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As an employer, the key to boosting motivation in your office is to see and nurture the potential in your workforce. By identifying employees with the potential to perform beyond their prescribed roles, you can achieve a greater level of output with the same team – and expand your business’s holistic skillset in the process. Instead of keeping your employees static, working consistently on repetitive tasks, allow the time and freedom to develop – recognizing their individual strengths and building upon them for an exceptional team comprising of uniquely skilled individuals.

Manage Your Resources

Technological advances mean that systems and software continue to play an increasingly large part in day-to-day office practices, and have now become essential in maximizing output. From office technology’s humble beginnings with the rise of word processing to today’s cloud storage and customer relationship management (CRM) software, employers are now implementing systems company-wide with the potential not only to expand a business’s digital skillset, but also to streamline operations for greater productivity and higher profits.

Assess which office technologies– like Todoist for Business– would directly benefit your business, be it through solving a problem or streamlining daily procedures. If there are applications available to you with the ability to make your employees’ lives easier and their time more valuable, these are platforms capable of bettering your business. Discuss the benefits of new office technologies with your employees to determine whether they’re comfortable with taking the leap – and to conclude what manner and degree of training will be required to put these innovative new processes into action.

If you want the full scoop on how to win at office productivity, the full guide is right here. Dive in for expert tips galore, helping any ambitious employer to transform their office from adequate to exceptional through a series of simple and effective productivity hacks.

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