Celebrate 1 Million Todoist Android Downloads and Win a LG G3!

On November 18th, 2012, after six months of development, João and I were preparing for Todoist’s very first Android release. The new app was installed 1,800 times in the first 24 hours on Google Play, and we were pretty psyched!

For ten months, Todoist kept growing steadily, reaching 60,000 users in September, 2013. During that same month, Google featured us as a top productivity app and, in two weeks, we almost tripled our Android base to 150,000 users. We kept designing, coding and shipping – that’s what we did and do best, build and deliver this amazing product to our community. And now we’re here.

Todoist Android

One million installs. That’s 1,000,000 people who have found and installed our Android app. It’s an amazing milestone, and has been an even more amazing ride.

With Android enforcing its prominent presence in the market, now at over 85% of all smartphones and tablets, we have an even higher responsibility towards our users. Android is the platform of the future, especially with companies like Motorola, Huawei and Xiaomi investing significantly in developing countries. We’ll not only bring amazing experiences to these people, but we’ll help build this platform by setting new standards and starting trends that will help define this future.

Above it all, we have the responsibility to build truly amazing products. On all platforms. For everyone, everywhere. And I believe we’re headed in the right direction.

Here’s to another million!

Todoist Android LG G3

To celebrate, we’ll give away a brand new LG G3 phone, one of the most popular Android devices on the market, and a one year Todoist Premium subscription.

Participate by sharing the news on Twitter, Facebook or Google+:

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To win, you must currently be a Todoist user. The contest will end on August 14th at 9:00PM EST and the winner (randomly drawn) will be announced on the blog on August 15th.

[Post update: Friday, August 15th, 2014] The winner of the brand new LG G3 is Andrea Barbaini! Andrea, please contact press@doist.io to claim your new phone. Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

About the author: Gonçalo has been part of Todoist’s Android team since March, 2012. Learn more about him in this short video, or connect with him on Twitter: @goncalossilva.

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