Todoist Preview for Windows 10 is now available on Windows phones!

Our users have been waiting to use the Todoist app on their Windows phones for a long time. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re releasing a mobile-optimized version of Todoist Preview for Windows 10!

Windows phone users will be able to manage their tasks, access file attachments, collaborate in shared projects, and enjoy all of Todoist’s best organizational features, right from their mobile devices. You can download the latest version of the Todoist Preview in the Windows store to start getting more done on-the-go.

Download Todoist Preview for Windows 10*

*The latest version of Todoist Preview for Windows 10 is still being rolled out in the Windows store. If you get a message that says “not compatible with your device” when you try to download on your Windows phone, please try back in a few hours.

Todoist for Windows phones

Todoist Preview for Windows 10: What we’ve been up to…

Since the initial November release of the Todoist Preview in the Windows store, our Windows team has been busy reading user feedback and making improvements, big and small.  In addition to our Windows phones announcement, we wanted to give a quick update on the exciting progress you’ve helped us make on the app Preview overall:

  • Revamped task add experience that works better on touch-screen devices
  • More powerful Live tiles that show not just the task count, but also upcoming tasks
  • Improvements to drag-and-drop to make it clearer what’s being moved to which indent level
  • A quick way to add tasks via jump lists
  • Support for multi-task select

Todoist for Windows 10

We appreciate you taking the time to send us thought and ideas. Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us give our Windows users the best Todoist experience possible. We hope you’ll continue to help shape the future of Todoist for Windows. Download the latest version and send us your thoughts at

Join our team to help give Todoist an exceptional Windows 10 experience

Over the years, many loyal users have requested a Todoist app for their Windows phones. That’s why we felt strongly about releasing a full-featured, mobile version now rather than later. However, Windows 10 is a cross-platform operating system, and desktop/tablet users currently vastly outnumber phone users. Our top priority right now continues to be creating the best experience possible for larger screen sizes.

That means that we aren’t able to invest as much energy into polishing the mobile experience as we’d like. The mobile version doesn’t include swipe interactions on tasks, and the app will be slower on phones when compared to the experience on desktop/tablet. We hope to improve the experience for our Windows phone users in the future.

We’re currently looking for passionate Windows developers to help take our Windows 10 app to the next level. If you love Todoist and have the skills to help take our Windows 10 app even further, we want to hear from you! Check out our Windows developer job listing and let us know why you’d be a great fit for our global, remote team.

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