Matthias: My quest for the perfect task management system is over

Mattias Buesing Todoist

I just wanted to drop a huge THANK YOU for making Todoist the way it is!

Dealing with todo apps and tasks management systems in general is a kind of hobby to me– pretty weird, I know, but that’s the way it is. Frankly I’ve tried almost all of them within the last years: Google Tasks, Remember the Milk, Producteev, Wunderlist, Toodledo, TickTick and countless others. I had them all!

Remember the Milk seems to be one of the biggest on the market and I also bought a year subscription to the pro account– but it really lacks quite essential features such as creating sub-tasks and the possibility to re-order tasks by drag’n’drop. After 2 months I said goodbye…

Google Tasks is OK (especially as I’m a Google hardcore user!) but, again, it lacks a lot of features. Some of them (such as reminders) can be added by apps on my Android devices but the web interface still isn’t great. Still it was the best solution for me in terms of ease and flexibility so I kept using it alongside with gTasks on my Nexus devices.

Until I stumbled upon Todoist in the Google Play Store… my expectations were low but the reviews made me feel good about checking it out. I installed and watched a bunch of videos… WOW!!! The look and feel of a “more elegant Google tasks” combined with GTD functionality and killer features such as postpone tasks, collapse subtasks, a powerful search function and a simple but elegant and effective web access. Love it on my Google Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Chrome (including the Chrome plugin) and beyond.

I’m using Todoist for my business tasks as well as private tasks, tasks for my band, and my side job in the IT sector– each of them being a project with tasks and subtasks underneath. In addition to that, I use labels for different states such as “waiting” or “delegated”. It simply works!

Ladies & gentlemen, you made my day! My quest for the perfect task management system is over.

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